Surgical Dermatology

Our medical practitioners are extremely competent skin surgeons.  We surgically remove most benign skin growths, like abnormal moles, cysts and lipomas (fatty growths), as well as skin cancers, under local anesthetic in a safe, sterile environment.  Surgical dermatology procedures include:

  • Cryosurgery – This procedure involves applying liquid nitrogen to a lesion such as a wart or pre-cancer, to destroy it. Sometimes, more than one treatment is necessary for cure.
  • Curettage and Electrodessication – A less invasive skin cancer treatment, this process involves removing the lesion with a sharp, round blade, called a curette, and then cauterizing the remainder of cancer to destroy it.
  • Dermabrasion – This procedure is used to gently soften the appearance of an acne or surgical scar.
  • Excision – In this procedure, a lesion such as a skin cancer, abnormal mole, cyst or lipoma is removed using local anesthetic and a scalpel and the resultant surgical wound is sutured closed.
  • Grafting – A thin piece of skin is transferred from an inconspicuous area of the body to repair a surgical defect that was created by removing a skin cancer, or other lesions.
  • Mohs Micrographic Surgery – This procedure, which is performed under local anesthetic, has the highest cure rate of any treatment for many types of skin cancer. This technique also spares non-cancerous skin, so that the resulting surgical defect is smaller than it would have been with traditional surgery.  Dr. Ryan Wells is the only fellowship-trained Mohs surgeon in West Ventura County.
  • Scar Revision – Various techniques are used to improve the appearance of scars. Surgery is rarely required, although a minimally invasive procedure may be used to release sunken acne scars, which are bound down to deeper tissues. Also, see Dermabrasion above.

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